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Ayta ash Shab

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Ayta ash Shab

عيتا الشعب
Map showin the location o Ayta ash Shab athin Lebanon
Map showin the location o Ayta ash Shab athin Lebanon
Ayta ash Shab
Location athin Lebanon
Coordinates: 33°05′50″N 35°20′04″E / 33.09722°N 35.33444°E / 33.09722; 35.33444
Kintra Lebanon
GovrenorateNabatieh Govrenorate
DestrictBint Jbeil Destrict
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Dialin code+961

Ayta ash Shab (Arabic: عيتا الشعب‎; an aw transliteratit Ayta al-Sha'b, Ayta a-Shaab, Ayta ash-Shab or Ayta ash Sha'b') is a sma veelage locatit in soothren Lebanon, aboot 1 km northeast o the Israeli border.

On 12 Julie 2006, Hezbollah initiatit a cross-border attack on an Israeli routine patrol, which teuk place on the Israeli side o the Israel-Lebanon border near Ayta ash Shab, atween the veelages o Zar'it an Shtula (Shetula). The raid resultit in the captur o twa an killin o three Israeli sodgers an triggered the 2006 Lebanon War. Durin the month lang conflict 85% o Ayta ash Shab's hames wur destroyed, an hivy grund fechtin ensued atween Israeli forces an Hezbollah guerillas.[1]


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