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This name uises Portuguese namin customs. The first or maternal faimily name is Senna an the seicont or paternal faimily name is da Silva.
Ayrton Senna
Ayrton Senna 8 (cropped).jpg
Born Ayrton Senna da Silva
21 Mairch 1960(1960-03-21)
São Paulo, Brazil
Dee'd 1 Mey 1994(1994-05-01) (aged 34)
Bologna, Italy
Formula Ane Warld Championship career
Naitionality Brazil Brazilian
Active years 19841994
Teams Toleman, Lotus, McLaren, Williams
Entries 162 (161 stairts)
Championships 3 (1988, 1990, 1991)
Wins 41
Podiums 80
Career pynts 610 (614)[1]
Powl poseetions 65
Festest laps 19
First entry 1984 Brazilian Grand Prix
First win 1985 Portuguese Grand Prix
Last win 1993 Australie Grand Prix
Last entry 1994 San Marino Grand Prix

Ayrton Senna da Silva (Brazilian Portuguese: [aˈiʁtõ ˈsẽnɐ dɐ ˈsiwvɐ] ( listen); 21 Mairch 1960 – 1 Mey 1994) wis a Brazilian racin driver wha won three Formula Ane warld championships for McLaren in 1988, 1990 an 1991 an is regairdit as ane o the greatest Formula Ane drivers o aw time.[2][3] He wis killed in an accident while leadin the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix for Williams.[4]

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