Ayr Cathedral

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Ayr Cathedral
Cathedral o Saunt Margaret, Ayr
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The Cathedral o Saunt Margaret, Ayr
Ayr Cathedral is locatit in Sooth Ayrshire
Ayr Cathedral
Ayr Cathedral
Location in Sooth Ayrshire
Coordinates: 55°27′53″N 4°37′36″W / 55.464722°N 4.626667°W / 55.464722; -4.626667
Location Ayr, Sooth Ayrshire
Kintra Scotland
Denomination Roman Catholic
Wabsteid gallowaydiocese.org.uk
Umwhile name(s) The Kirk o Saunt Margaret
Status In Use
Heritage designation A-Leetit Biggin
Designatit 28 July 2007
Previous cathedrals Cathedral o the Guid Shepherd, Ayr
Style Gothic
Capacity 350
Diocese Gallowa
Province St Andras an Edinburgh
Bishop(s) William Nolan
Canon(s) Patrick Keegans, John McGee &Alexander McGarry,

The Cathedral Kirk o Saunt Margaret, an aw kent as Ayr Cathedral, is a Roman Catholic cathedral locatit in Ayr, Scotland.