Avro Lancaster

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Avro Lancaster B I PA474.jpg
Royal Air Force Avro Lancaster B I PA474 of the Battle o Britain Memorial Flight. This aircraft carries the deepened bomb aimer's blister (Mod. 780), an the later paddle-bladed propellers. Neither H2S blister nor exhaust shrouds are fittit.
Role Hivy bomber
Manufacturer Avro
Designer Roy Chadwick
First flicht 9 Januar 1941
Introduction Februar 1942
Retired 1963 (Canadae)
Primar uisers Ryal Air Force
Ryal Canadian Air Force
Ryal Australian Air Force
Nummer biggit 7,377
Unit cost
Developit frae Avro Manchester
Variants Avro Lancastrian
Developit intae Avro York
Avro Lincoln

The Avro Lancaster is a Breetish fower-ingined Seicont Warld War hivy bomber designed an biggit bi Avro for the Ryal Air Force (RAF).