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Emperor o the Wastren Roman Empire
Tremissis Avitus-RIC 2402.jpg
Tremissis o Emperor Avitus.
Ring 9 Julie 455 – 17 October 456
Coronation Toulouse, 9 Julie 455
Predecessor Petronius Maximus
Successor Majorian
Born c. 380/395
Dee'd 457
Buirial Brioude
Issue Agricola
Full name
Eparchius Avitus
Faither Flavius Julius Agricola

Avitus (Laitin: Eparchius Avitus Augustus;[1] c. 380/395[2] – efter 17 October 456 or in 457) wis Wastren Roman Emperor frae 8 or 9 Julie 455 tae 17 October 456.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. In aulder leeteratur the names Marcus Maecilius Avitus an Flavius Eparchius Avitus war reportit, but nou anly Eparchius Avitus is acceptit. ICVR-08, 20823: Locus Geronti presb(yteri) / depositus XIIII Kal(endas) Iul(ias) / cons(ulatu) Eparchi Aviti.
  2. Avitus wis appyntit tae his first poleetical task aroond 420. Sidonius Apollinaris describit him as a iuuenis, a "youth" at the time, so he wis probably atween the ages o 30 an 45. For iuuenis as an age category, see Andrew Gillet, "The Birth of Ricimer," Historia: Zeitschrift für Alte Geschichte, Vol. 44, No. 3, 1995, p. 383 note 23.