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Region Eastren Iranian Plateau
Ethnicity Airya
Era Airn Age, Late Bronze Age
Leid faimlie
Writin seestem No native script
Avestan alphabet (Pahlavi script; independent ad-hoc development)
Gujarati script (uised bi the Indian Zoroastrians)
Leid codes
ISO 639-1 ae
ISO 639-2 ave
ISO 639-3 ave
Linguasphere 58-ABA-a
Bodleian J2 fol 175 Y 28 1.jpg
Yasna 28.1, Ahunavaiti Gatha (Bodleian MS J2)
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Avestan, umwhile an aa kent as "Zend", is an Iranian leid o the Eastren Iranian diveesion, kent anly frae its uise as the leid o Zoroastrian scriptur, i.e. the Avesta, frae which it derives its name.