Autozam Scrum

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Autozam Scrum Truck
Autozam Scrum Van
Mazda Scrum Wagon

The Autozam Scrum is a microvan an pickup truck selt in Japan bi Mazda. First part of the company's Autozam marque in 1990, Mazda still sells the Scrum unner its awn name. The Scrum is a re-badged version o the Suzuki Carry.

A passenger caur version cawed the Scrum Wagon wis addit for 2000, while the commercial uise truck an van wur updatit.

The Mazda Scrum uises a 660cc DOHC 3-Cylinder ingine an is available wi 4WD or 2WD. The 4WD version can an aa be switcht atween 4WD an 2WD an haes hie an law gears.