Austrick Airmed Forces

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Austrick Airmed Forces
Roundel of Austria.svg
Insignia o the Bundesheer
Foondit18 Mairch 1920; 100 years ago (1920-03-18)
Current furm15 May 1955
Service branches
HeidquartersRossauer Barracks, Vienna
Commander-in-chiefPreses Van der Bellen
Meenister o DefenceThomas Starlinger
Chief o the General StaffGen Robert Brieger
Militar age17
Conscription6 months
Available for
militar service
1,941,110 males, age 16-49,
1,910,434 females, age 16-49
Fit for
militar service
1,579,862 males, age 16-49,
1,554,130 females, age 16-49
Reachin militar
age annually
48,108 males,
45,752 females
Active personnel21,200 (2018)[1]
Reserve personnel950,000, o which 157,900 jynt structurit (2018)[1]
Deployed personnel1,099 (2018)[2]
Budget€2.85 billion ($3.38 billion) (2018)[1]
Percent o GDP0.74% (2018)[1]
Domestic suppliersSteyr Mannlicher
Glock Ges.m.b.H.
Foreign suppliers Australie
 Unitit States
Relatit airticles
HistoryMilitar history o Austrick
Austrick-Hungarian Airmy
RanksRanks of the Austrian Bundesheer

The Austrick Airmed Forces (German: Bundesheer, leeterally "Federal Airmy") are the combined militar forces o the Republic o Austrick an the main militar organisation responsible for the Naitional defence.

It includes follaein brainches: the Jynt Forces (Streitkräfteführungskommando), which conseests o the Laund Forces (Landstreitkräfte), Air Forces (Luftstreitkräfte), Internaitional Missions (Internationale Einsätze) and Special Forces (Spezialeinsatzkräfte), next tae Mission Support (Kommando Einsatzunterstützung) an Jynt Command Support Centre (Führungsunterstützungszentrum).[3]

The militar conseest o 21,200 active-duty personnel an 950,000 reservists, o which 157,900 are jynt-structurit an 130,200 unstructurit.[1] The militar budget is 0.74% o naitional GDP or €2.85 billion, which includes militar pensions.[1]

Austrick, a laundlockit kintra, haes nae navy; frae 1958 tae 2006 houaniver the Austrick airmy operatit a naval squadron o patrol boats on the River Danube. That duty haes been assumed bi the Bundespolizei (Federal Police).

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Atween 1918 an 1920, the Austrick semi-regular airmy wis cried Volkswehr ("Fowk's Defence"), an fought against Yugoslavian airmy units occupyin pairts o Carinthia. It haes been kent as "Bundesheer" syne then, except when Austrick wis a part of Nazi Germany (1938–1945; see Anschluss). The Austrick Airmy did develop a defence plan in 1938 against Germany[citation needit], but poleetics preventit it frae bein implementit.

In 1955, Austrick issued its Declaration o Neutrality, meanin that it waud never jyne a militar alliance. The Austrick Airmed Forces' main purpose syne then haes been the protection o Austrick's neutrality. Its relationship wi NATO is limitit tae the Pairtnership for Peace programme.[4]

Wi the end o the Cauld War, the Austrick militar hae increasinnly assistit the border polis in controllin the influx o illegal immigrants throu Austrick mairches. The war in the neighbourin Balkans resultit in the liftin o the restrictions on the range o wappenry o the Austrick militar that haed been imposit bi the Austrian State Treaty.

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