Australie Antarctic Territory

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Australie Antarctic Territory
Banner o the Australie Antarctic Territory
Cairt o Antarcticae indicatinAustralie territorial claim (reid aurie).
Cairt o Antarcticae indicatin
Australie territorial claim (reid aurie).
Status External Territory
Caipital Davis Station
Lairgest resairch station Mirny Station (Roushien)
Sovereign state Australia
Govrenment Territory o Australie
• Govrenor-General
Sir Peter Cosgrovea
• Tot
5,896,500 km2 (2,276,700 sq mi)
• Estimate
less nor 1,000
Siller Australie dollar
Cawin code +672

The Australie Antarctic Territory (AAT) is a pairt o Antarcticae. It wis claimed bi the Unitit Kinrick an placed unner the authority o the Commonweel o Australie in 1933. It is the lairgest territory o Antarcticae claimed bi ony naition.

Coordinates: 75°00′S 102°30′E / 75.000°S 102.500°E / -75.000; 102.500