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Austin A50 Cambridge 1955
Austin A55 "Farina" Cambridge 1960

The Austin Cambridge (sauld as A40, A50, A55, an A60) is a motor caur range sauld bi the Austin Motor Company in several generations frae September 1954 throu tae 1969 as caurs an 1971 as light commercials. It replaced the A40 Somerset but wis entirely new wi modren unibody construction. The range haed twa basic body styles wi the A40, A50 an early A55s uising a traditional roondit shape an later A55s an A60s uisin Farina styling.

Note that the A40 nummer wis re-uised on a smawer caur (the Austin A40 Farina) frae 1958 tae 1967, an that the Cambridge name haed previously been uised tae designate ane o the available body styles on the pre-war 10 hp range.

Initially the Austin Cambridge wis anerlie offered wi a 4-passenger, 4-door saloon body, tho a few pre-production 2-door models wur an aa made. It haed a modren body design wi integrated wings an a full-width grille. Independent suspension wis providit at the front bi coil springs an wishbones but a live axle wi anti-roll bar wis retained at the rear.

A van derivative introduced in November 1956 an a pick-up introduced in Mey 1957 remained available until 1971, some time efter the demise o the caurs on which thay haed been based.