Auld Kirk Slavonic

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Auld Kirk Slavonic
словѣ́ньскъ ѩзꙑ́къ
slověnĭskŭ językŭ
Spoken natively in umwhile in Slavic auries, unner the influence o Byzantium (baith Catholic an Orthodox)
Region Eastern Europe
Era 9th–11th centuries; then evolved into several variants o Kirk Slavonic
Leid faimlie
Writin seestem Glagolitic, Cyrillic
Leid codes
ISO 639-1 cu (wi Kirk Slavonic)
ISO 639-2 chu
ISO 639-3 chu (wi Kirk Slavonic)
Linguasphere 53-AAA-a
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Auld Kirk Slavonic (pronunciation: /ˌld ɜːr sləˈvɒnɪk/, /-slæˈ-/),[1] an aa kent as Auld Kirk Slavic (/ˌld ɜːr ˈslɑːvɪk/;[1] often abbreviated to OCS; sel-name словѣ́ньскъ ѩзꙑ́къ, slověnĭskŭ językŭ), wis the first Slavic leeterary leid.

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