Auguste von Harrach

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Auguste von Harrach
Princess o Liegnitz
Auguste, Fürstin von Liegnitz. Postkarte.jpg
Auguste bi an anonymous artist.
Full name
Auguste von Harrach
Born30 August 1800
Dee'd5 Juin 1873 (aged 73)
Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Hesse
Spoose(s)Frederick William III o Proushie
FaitherFerdinand Joseph von Harrach
MitherChristiane von Rayski

Auguste von Harrach (30 August 1800 – 5 Juin 1873), wis the seicont spouse o Keeng Frederick William III o Proushie. Since the mairiage wis morganatic, she was niver named Queen, but wis gien the teetle Princess o Liegnitz (modren-day Legnica) an Coontess o Hohenzollern. Frederick reportedly stated, that he did nae wish tae have anither queen efter his first ane Queen Luise. She wis buried at the mausoleum at the Charlottenburg Pailace.

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