Attack on Pearl Harbor

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Attack on Pearl Harbor
Pairt o the Pacific Theater o Warld War II
Attack on Pearl Harbor Japanese planes view.jpg
Photograph o Battleship Row taken frae a Japanese plane at the beginnin o the attack. The explosion in the center is a torpedo strike on USS West Virginia. Twa attackin Japanese planes can be seen: ane ower USS Neosho an ane ower the Naval Yard.
DateDecember 7, 1941
LocationPrimarily Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Territory, U.S.
Unitit States o Americae    Japan
Commanders an leaders
Husband E. Kimmel
Walter Short
Chuichi Nagumo
Isoroku Yamamoto
8 battleships
8 cruisers
30 destroyers
4 submarines
1 USCG Cutter[nb 1]
49 ither ships[1]
≈390 aircraft
Mobile Unit:
6 aircraft carriers
2 battleships
2 hivy cruisers
1 licht cruiser
9 destroyers
8 tankers
23 fleet submarines
5 midget submarines
414 aircraft
Casualties an losses
2 battleships totally lost
2 battleships sunk an recovered
3 battleships damaged
1 battleship grundit
2 ither ships sunk[nb 2]
3 cruisers damaged[nb 3]
3 destroyers damaged
3 ither ships damaged
188 aircraft destroyed
159[3] aircraft damaged
2,403 killed
1,178 woondit[4][5]
4 midget submarines sunk
1 midget submarine grundit
29 aircraft destroyed
64 killed
1 capturt[6]
Civilian casualties
68 killed[7][8]
35 wounded[4]

The attack on Pearl Harbor, an aa kent as the Battle o Pearl Harbor,[9] the Hawaii Operation or Operation AI bi the Japanese Imperial General Heidquarters,[10][11] an Operation Z during plannin,[12] wis a surprise militar strike bi the Imperial Japanese Navy against the Unitit States naval base at Pearl Harbor, in the Unitit States Territory o Hawaii, on the mornin o December 7, 1941. The attack led tae the Unitit States' entry intae Warld War II.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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  2. Utah an Oglala
  3. Unless itherwise statit, aw vessels leetit war salvageable.[2]

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Coordinates: 21°22′N 157°57′W / 21.367°N 157.950°W / 21.367; -157.950