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This airticle is aboot a Vedic sage. For the toun in Italy, see Atri, Abruzzo.
Rama visits Atri.jpg
Rama visitin Atri's hermitage. As Atri talks tae Rama an his brither Lakshmana, Anusuya talks wi his wife Sita
Releegion Hinduism
Spoose Anasuya
Childer Durvasa, Chandra, Dattatreya
Releegious career
Title Brahmarshi
Honours maist mentioned Vedic sage in the Rigveda

Atri (Sanskrit: अत्रि) or Attri is a Vedic sage, wha is creditit wi componin a lairge nummer o hymns tae Agni, Indra an ither Vedic deities o Hinduism.