Atlanta Braves

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Atlanta Braves
2020 Atlanta Braves saison
Established in 1871
Based in Atlanta syne 1966
Atlanta Braves.svgAtlanta Braves Insignia.svg
Team logoCap insignia
Major league affiliations
Current uniform
Retired numbers
  • Navy blue, scarlet reid, white[a][2]
Ither nicknames
  • The Bravos, The Team of the 90s, America's Team
Major league teetles
Warld Series teetles (3)
NL Pennants (17)
East Diveesion titles (13)
West Division teetles (5)
Wild card berths (2)
Front office
Awner(s)Liberty Media[3][4]
ManagerBrian Snitker
General ManagerAlex Anthopoulos[5]

The Atlanta Braves are an American perfaisional basebaw franchise based in the Atlanta metropolitan aurie.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The team's offeecial colours are navy blue an scarlet reid, accordin tae the team's mascot (BLOOPER)'s offeecial wabsteid.[1]

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