Association o Tennis Professionals

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Association o Tennis Professionals
Sport Professional Tennis
Foondit September 1972
Location Lunnon
Ponte Vedra Beach
Chairman vacant
Official website

The Association o Tennis Professionals (ATP) wis fairmed in September 1972 bi Donald Dell, Jack Kramer, an Cliff Drysdale tae pertect the interests o male professional tennis players. Drysdale acame the first Preses. Syne 1990, the association haes organized the warldwide tennis tour for men an airtit the title o the tour wi the organisation's name. In 1990 the organisation wis cried the ATP Tour, which wis renamed in 2001 as juist ATP an the tour bein cried ATP Tour. In 2009 the name wis chynged again an is nou kent as the ATP Warld Tour.[1] It is an evolution o the tour competitions previously kent as Grand Prix tennis tournaments an Warld Championship Tennis (WCT). The ATP's Executive Affices are in Lunnon, Unitit Kinrick. ATP Americaes is based in Ponte Vedra Beach, Unitit States; ATP Europe is heidquartered in Monaco; an ATP Internaitional, which covers Africae, Asie an Australasie, is based in Sydney, Australie.

The coonterpairt organisation in the weemen's professional gemme is the Weemen's Tennis Association (WTA).

Rankins[eedit | eedit soorce]

ATP publishes weekly rankins o professional players: Emirates ATP Rankins (commonly kent as the ‘warld rankins’), a 52-week rollin rankin, an the Emirates ATP Rankins Race tae Lunnon, a year tae date rankin.[2]

The Emirates ATP Rankins is uised for determinin qualification for entry an seedin in aw toornaments for baith singles an doubles. Within the Emirates ATP Rankins period consistin o the past 52 weeks, pynts are accumulatit, wi the exception o thae for the Barclays ATP Warld Tour Finals, whose pynts are dropped follaein the last ATP event o the year. The player wi the maist pynts bi saison's end is the Warld Nummer 1 o the year.

The Emirates ATP Rankins Race Tae Lunnon is a calendar-year indicator o what the Emirates ATP Rankins will be on the Monanday efter the end o the regular saison. Players finishin in the Tap 8 o the Emirates ATP Rankins follaein the BNP Paribas Masters will qualify for the Barclays ATP Warld Tour Finals.

At the stairt o the 2009 saison, aw accumulatit rankin pynts hae been doubled tae bring them in line wi the new toornament rankin seestem.

Current rankins[eedit | eedit soorce]

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