Assassination o Airchduke Franz Ferdinand o Austrick

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Assassination o Airchduke
Franz Ferdinand o Austrick an Sophie, Duchess o Hohenberg
Assassination illustratit in the Italian newspaper Domenica del Corriere, 12 Julie 1914 bi Achille Beltrame.
Date28 Juin 1914
LocationNear the Latin Brig, Sarajevo (43°51′29″N 18°25′44″E / 43.857917°N 18.42875°E / 43.857917; 18.42875)
DaithsAirchduke Franz Ferdinand an his wife, Sophie

On 28 Juin 1914, Airchduke Franz Ferdinand o Austrick, heir presumptive tae the Austro-Hungarian throne, an his wife, Sophie, Duchess o Hohenberg, war shot dead in Sarajevo bi Gavrilo Princip, ane o a group o six assassins (five Serbs an ane Bosniak) coordinatit bi Danilo Ilić, a Bosnie Serb an a member o the Black Haund secret society. The poleetical objective o the assassination wis tae break off Austrick-Hungary's Sooth Slav provinces so thay could be combined intae a Yugoslavie. The assassins' motives war consistent wi the movement that later acame kent as Young Bosnie. The assassination led directly to the First Warld War when Austrick-Hungary subsequently issued an ultimatum tae the Kinrick o Serbie, which wis pairtially rejected. Austrick-Hungary then declared war.

Coordinates: 43°51′28.5″N 18°25′43.5″E / 43.857917°N 18.428750°E / 43.857917; 18.428750