Ashmore an Cartier Islands

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Territory o Ashmore an Cartier Islands
LocationIndian Ocean
Population0 (1 Januar 2011)

The Territory o Ashmore an Cartier Islands[1] is an uninhabitit freemit territory[2] o Australie conseestin o fower law-lyin tropical islands in twa separate reefs, an the 12 nautical mile territorial sea generatit bi the islands.[3] The territory is locatit in the Indian Ocean situatit on the edge o the continental shelf, aboot 320 km (199 mi) off the northwest coast o Australie an 144 km (89 mi) sooth o the Indonesie island o Rote.[3]

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Coordinates: 12°15′30″S 123°02′30″E / 12.25833°S 123.04167°E / -12.25833; 123.04167