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Ascort at 2008 Volksfest, Port Adelaide

The Ascort wis an Australian automobile manufactured bi Continental Coachwork o Sydney frae 1958 tae 1960. It wis basically a Volkswagen Beetle turned intae a fower-seater tourin coupe an featured a roomy, double-skinned body made oot o fiberglass an closely resembled a 1970s Karmann Ghia coupe. The 1·2-liter Beetle ingine wis modified uisin an Okrasa kit tae produce 54bhp. The vehicle's total weight wis 33% less nor that o a standard sedan, which made for brisk acceleration. Mair nor a dozen caurs wur built afore the project collapsed.[1] The Ascort haed a top speed o juist unner 95 mph an there wur plans tae fit a 70 hp, 1500 cc ingine producin a top speed o well ower 100 mph but this wis niver made.[2]

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