Asaph Hall

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Asaph Hall
Professor Asaph Hall.jpg
Asaph Hall at the USNO in 1899
Born15 October 1829(1829-10-15)
Goshen, Connecticut
Died22 November 1907(1907-11-22) (aged 78)
Annapolis, Maryland
ResidenceUnitit States
Alma materNew-York Central College, McGrawville
Kent forDiscovery o twa Maurtian muins
ParentsAsaph Hall II
Hannah Palmer

Asaph Hall III (October 15, 1829 – November 22, 1907) wis an American astronomer wha is maist famous for haein discovered the muins o Maurs, Deimos an Phobos, in 1877.[1] He determined the orbits o satellites o ither planets an o dooble starns, the rotation o Saturn, an the mass o Maurs.

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