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For ither uises, see Artyom (disambiguation).
Pronunciation [ˈartjɵm]
Gender Masculine
Leid(s) Slavic name derivation frae Greek Artemisios.
Meanin "dedicatit tae Artemis"
Other names
Alternative spellin Artem
Rake fer Artyom i the test
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Artyom (Roushie: Артём) is a male gien name common in Roushie an ither Slavic-speakin kintras. The name uises the "ё" letter, which can be transcribit in Inglis as "e" but still haes the "yo" soond. Furtherin confusion thare is anither name Artem (Ukrainian: Артем), whose anerly spellin in Inglis is "Artem", an is pronooncit wi the "em" endin syllable. "Artyom" is bi far mair common as a Inglis spellin o the name than "Artem".

The name is derivit frae Auncient Greek name Artemisios (Greek: Αρτεμισιος),[1] meanin "dedicatit tae Artemis".

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