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Sir Arthur C. Clarke
Arthur C. Clarke (1982).jpg
Clarke in June 1982
Born Arthur Charles Clarke
16 December 1917(1917-12-16)
Minehead, Somerset, Ingland
Dee'd 19 Mairch 2008(2008-03-19) (aged 90)
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Pen name Charles Willis
E. G. O'Brien[1][2]
Thrift Writer, inventor
Naitionality Breetish
Ceetizenship Unitit Kinrick
Alma mater King's College London
Period 1946–2008 (professional feection writer)
Genre Haurd science feection
Popular science
Subject Science
Notable warks
Spoose Marilyn Mayfield (1953–1964)

Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, CBE, FRAS (16 December 1917 – 19 Mairch 2008) wis a Breetish science feection writer, science writer an futurist,[3] inventor, unnersea explorer, an televeesion series host.

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