Arsenal de Sarandí

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Nae tae be confused wi Arsenal F.C..
Arsenal FC
Fou name Arsenal Fútbol Club
Elk-name(s) Los del Viaducto (The Viaduct men)
El Arse (The Arse)
Foondit 11 Januar 1957; 61 years ago (1957-01-11)
Grund Estadio Julio H. Grondona,
Sarandí, Avellaneda Partido
(capacity: 16,300)
Chairman Julio R. Grondona
Manager Martín Palermo
League Primera División
2014 Final 17th
Wabsteid Club hame page
Home colours
Away colours

Arsenal Fútbol Club (Spaingie pronunciation: [arˈsenal ˈfutβol ˈkluβ]), uisually referred as Arsenal de Sarandí [arˈsenal de saɾanˈdi], is a Argentine sports club frae the Sarandí destrict o Avellaneda Partido, Greater Buenos Aires.

The fitbaw team currently plays in Primera División, the top diveesion o the Argentine fitbaw league seestem. The squad plays its hame gemmes at the Estadio Julio H. Grondona, namit efter ane o the foonders, which haes a capacity o 16,000. It opened in 1964 but wis no uised in the First Diveesion till 2004. The club's colours are red an licht blue, in honour o the tradeetional teams o Avellaneda (Independiente an Racing). Arsenal wan its first Primera División championship in 2012. Till then, club's major title haed been the Copa Sudamericana wan in 2007.

Apairt frae fitbaw, the club hosts ither sports such as handbaw an field hockey.

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