Arnulf o Carinthie

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Arnulf of Carinthia
Die deutschen Kaiser Arnulph.jpg
Haly Roman Emperor
Ring 22 Februar 896 – 8 December 899
Predecessor Lambert
Successor Louis III
Keeng o Italy
Ring 894–899
Predecessor Lambert
Successor Louis III
Keeng o East Francie
Reing 887–899
Predecessor Charles III
Successor Louis the Bairn
Born 850
Dee'd 8 December 899 (age 49)
Regensburg, Bavarie[1]
Buirial St. Emmeram's Basilica, Ratisbon
Spouse Ota
Oda o Wast Francie
Issue Louis the Bairn
Ratold o Italy
Glismut o Carinthie
Hedwig o Carinthie
Hoose Carolingian
Faither Carloman o Bavarie
Mither Liutswind

Arnulf o Carinthie (850 – 8 December 899) wis the Carolingian Keeng o East Francie[2] frae 887, the disputit Keeng o Italy frae 894 an the disputit Haly Roman Emperor frae 22 Februar 896 till his daith at Regensburg, Bavarie.

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  2. East Francia haed been split frae the rest o Frankish Realm bi the Treaty o Verdun in 843. It evolved intae Germany efter the Carolingian eclipse.