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Armenie Revolutionar Airmy

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The Armenie Revolutionary Airmy (ARA) wis an Armenie paramilitar organisation that attackit at least 7 times resultin in at least 6 fatalities an 8 injuries.[1] The group teuk responsibility for an attack on Turkis embassy in Lisbon an the attack on the Turkis Embassy in Ottawa.

Armenie Revolutionary Airmy is thocht tae be the continuation o the organisation "Juistice Commandos o the Armenie Genocide" (JCAG)[1] unner a different name. As JCAG stoppit takkin responsibility in communiques frae 1983 on, it wis the Armenie Revolutionary Airmy that carriet on wi the militar activities.

The first attack claimit bi the ARA haed taken place in 1970, when a leebrar in Lisbon, Portugal wis bombit. Housomeivver, the next act o ARA violence did no take place till 1983, when a Turkis Embassy attache wis gunned doun in Brussels, causin some tae question whether the 1970 bombin wis perpetratit bi a completely different Armenie Revolutionary Airmy.[2]

ARA's last attack occurred in 1985.

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