Armenie Genocide

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Armenie Genocide
Pairt o the persecution o Armenies
Armenian ceevilians, escortit bi Ottoman sodgers, mairched throu Harput (Kharpert) tae a prison in nearbi Mezireh (present-day Elâzığ), Aprile 1915.
Date1915-1923[note 1]
TargetArmenie population
Attack teep
Deportation, mass murther
Daiths1.5 million[note 2]
PerpetratorsOttoman Empire (Committee o Union an Progress)

The Armenie Genocide[11] (Armenie: Հայոց ցեղասպանություն,[note 3] Hayots tseghaspanutyun), an aa kent as the Armenie Holocaust,[12] wis the Ottoman govrenment's seestematic extermination o 1.5 million Armenies, maistly Ottoman ceetizens within the Ottoman Empire an its successor state, the Republic o Turkey.[13][14]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The Armenie Genocide is generally associatit wi 1915, the year that maist o the atrocities teuk place. The span varies frae soorce tae soorce: 1915–1916, 1915–1917, 1915–1918, 1915–1923, 1894–1915, 1894–1923
  2. 1.5 million is the maist published nummer,[4][5][6] houever, estimates vary frae 800,000 tae 1,800,000[7][8][9][10]
  3. Հայոց ցեղասպանութիւն in clessical Armenian orthografie

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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