Ariola Records

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Ariola Records
Paurent companyBMG Rights Management
Distributor(s)Sel-distributit (1958-1987)
BMG (1987-2002)
Sony BMG (2002-2008)
Sony Music Entertainment (2008-present)
Kintra o oreeginGermany

Ariola Records (kent as Ariola an Ariola-Eurodisc an aw) is a German record label. As o the late 1980s, it wis a subsidiar label o BMG which in turn haes syne become a pairt o the internaitional media conglomerate SME.

Profile[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ariola wis foondit in 1958 as a muisic ootlet o Bertelsmann. It setup several subsidiars: Ariola America wis foondit in 1975 in Los Angeles, Ariola-Athena tae release spoken wird records, Ariola Benelux wis foondit in 1970 tae cover the Benelux mercat, Ariola Eurodisc wis a Spainyie diveesion o Ariola, foondit in 1970, Ariola UK the UK based subsidiar o Ariola wis founded in 1977, Baccarola, Türküola for the Turkis mercat, Eurodisc tae release disco records in Fraunce - maist successfully wi Amanda Lear an Jupiter Records for German schlager muisic an disco like for instance group Dschinghis Khan.

It acquired baith Arista Records an German rival label Hansa Records in 1979, an RCA Records in 1983. Ariola America haed a sister label cried Ocean Records an aw, which includit on its roster actress/enterteener Ann-Margret. It wis active 1979 thru 1980. In the 1980s, thare wis a software development diveesion cried Ariolasoft.

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