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C1 Ariete
Ariete tank of the Italian Army.jpg
Teep Main battle tank
Place o oreegin  Italy
Service history
In service 1995–present
Production history
Produced 1995–Present
Wecht 54 tonnes (59.52 tons)
Lenth 9.67 m (31.73 ft) (7.59 [24.9] wioot gun)
Weenth 3.42 m (11.22 ft)
Hicht 2.50 m (8.2 ft)
Crew 4

Airmour Classified, steel/composite blend
120mm L44 smoothbore tank gun
42 roonds (15 roonds inside turret magazine wi addeetional 27 roonds in the chassis)
7.62mm coaxial machine-gun, 7.62mm AA machine-gun
2,500 roonds
Ingine V-12 turbocharged diesel FIAT MTCA
1,600 hp
Pouer/wecht 29 hp/tonne
Suspension torsion-bar
550 km (341.8 mi)
Speed 65 km/h (40.4 mph)

The C1 Ariete is the main battle tank o the Italian Army, developed bi a consortium furmed bi Iveco-Fiat an Oto Melara (aka CIO, Consorzio Iveco Oto Melara). The chassis an ingine wur produced bi Iveco, while the turret an fire-control seestem wur produced bi Oto Melara. The vehicle carries the latest optical an deegital-imagin an fire-control seestems, enablin it tae ficht day an nicht an tae fire on the move. The first deliveries wur in 1995, an the last occurred 8 years later in August 2002.

Operators[eedit | eedit soorce]

  •  Italy - 200[1]
    • 20° Tank battalion "M.O. Pentimalli", 4° Tank Regiment o Bellinzago Novarese (NO), 41 Ariete
    • 3° Tank battalion "M.O. Galas", 32° Tank Regiment o Tauriano (PN), 41 Ariete
    • 8° Tank battalion "M.O. Secchiaroli", 132° Tank Regiment o Cordenòns (PN), 41 Ariete
    • 31° Tank battalion "M.O. Andreani", 131° Tank Regiment o Persano (SA), 41 Ariete

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