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For the poleetical subdiveesion o Fraunce, see Ardennes (depairtment). For the Ardennes horse, see Ardennes (horse)
Frahan JPG01.jpg
Laundscape o Frahan inside the bend o the Semois River
Location Ardennes.PNG
Location Wallonie, Belgium;
Oesling, Luxembourg;
Ardennes depairtment an Grand Est region, Fraunce
Coordinates 50°15′N 5°40′E / 50.250°N 5.667°E / 50.250; 5.667Coordinates: 50°15′N 5°40′E / 50.250°N 5.667°E / 50.250; 5.667
Aurie 11,200 km2 (4,300 sq mi)
Govrenin body Parc National de Champagne/Ardennes
Parc National de Furfooz

The Ardennes (French: L'Ardenne; Walloon: L'Årdene; Luxembourgis: Ardennen; an aa kent as Ardennes Forest) is a region o extensive forests, reuch terrain, rowin hills an rigs formed by the geological featurs o the Ardennes moontain range an the Moselle an Meuse River basins.