Archibald Sinclair, 1st Viscoont Thursa

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The Viscoont Thursa

The Air Ministry, 1939-1945. CH10270.jpg
Archibald Sinclair as Secretar o State for Air in the Seicont Warld War
Leader o the Leeberal Pairty
In office
26 November 1935 – 15 Juin 1945
Depute Percy Harris (1940–1945)
Precedit bi Sir Herbert Samuel
Succeedit bi Clement Davies
Secretar o State for Air
In office
11 Mey 1940 – 23 Mey 1945
Monarch George VI
Prime Meenister Winston Churchill
Precedit bi Sir Samuel Hoare, Bt
Succeedit bi Harold Macmillan
Depute Leader o the Leeberal Pairty
In office
4 November 1931 – 26 November 1935
Leader Herbert Samuel
Precedit bi Herbert Samuel
Succeedit bi Percy Harris 1940–1945
Secretar o State for Scotland
In office
25 August 1931 – 28 September 1932
Monarch George V
Prime Meenister Ramsay MacDonald
Precedit bi William Adamson
Succeedit bi Sir Godfrey Collins
Leeberal Chief Whip
In office
1930 – 25 August 1931
Leader David Lloyd George
Precedit bi Robert Hutchison
Succeedit bi Goronwy Owen
Member o Pairlament
for Caithness an Sutherland
In office
15 November 1922 – 5 Julie 1945
Precedit bi Leicester Harmsworth
Succeedit bi Eric Gandar Dower
Personal details
Born Archibald Henry Macdonald Sinclair
22 October 1890 (1890-10-22)
Chelsea, Lunnon, Ingland
Dee'd 15 June 1970 (1970-06-16) (aged 79)
Naitionality Breetish
Poleetical pairty Leeberal
Spoose(s) Marigold Forbes
Alma mater Royal Military College, Sandhurst

Archibald Henry Macdonald Sinclair, 1st Viscoont Thursa, KT, CMG, PC (22 October 1890 – 15 Juin 1970), kent as Sir Archibald Sinclair, Bt, atween 1912 an 1952, an eften as Archie Sinclair, wis a Breetish politeecian an leader o the Leeberal Pairty.