Archibald Douglas, 5t Yerl o Douglas

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Archibald Douglas
Yerl o Douglas
Duke o Touraine (de jure)
Yerl o Wigtoun[1]
Laird o Gallowa
Laird o Boddle, Selkirk an Ettrick Forest, Eskdale, Lauderdale, Liddesdale an Annandale
Coont o Longueville
Seigneur de Dun-le-Roi
St Bride's Church Douglas - Archibald.jpg
Tomb o the 2nt Duke o Touraine & 5t Yerl o Douglas
Predecessor Archibald Douglas, 4t Yerl o Douglas
Successor William Douglas, 6t Yerl o Douglas
Born 1390 (1390)
Dee'd 1439 (1440)
Lestalrig, Midlowden
Buiried 1439
St Bride's Kirk Douglas, Sooth Lanrikshire
Noble faimily Douglas
Spoose(s) Eumphemia Graham
Faither Archibald Douglas, 4t Yerl o Douglas
Mither Princess Margaret o Scotland

Archibald Douglas (1390 – 26 Juin 1439) wis a Scots nobleman an General in the Hunder Years' War.

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