Archibald Douglas, 5t Yerl o Angus

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Archibald Douglas
Yerl o Angus
Archibald 'Bell-the-Cat' by Wm Hole.JPG
Archibald 'Bell-the-Cat' depictit as a notable feegur in Scots history bi the Victorian airtist William Hole
PredecessorGeorge Douglas, 4t Yerl o Angus
SuccessorArchibald Douglas, 6t Yerl o Angus
Dee'dOctober 1513
BuiriedWhithorn Priory[1]
FaitherGeorge Douglas, 4t Yerl o Angus
MitherIsabella Sibbald

Archibald Douglas, 5t Yerl o Angus (c. 1449 – October 1513), wis a Scots nobleman, peer, politeecian, an magnate. He becam kent as "Bell the Cat". He becam the maist pouerfu nobleman in the realm throu a successfu rebellion an established his faimily as the maist important in the kinrick.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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