Archibald Douglas, 3rd Yerl o Douglas

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Archibald Douglas
Laird o Gallowa
Yerl o Douglas
Yerl o Wigtoun[1]
Laird o Boddle
Seal of Archibald the Grim.jpg
Seal o Archibald Douglas
Predecessor James Douglas, 2nt Yerl o Douglas
Successor Archibald Douglas, 4t Yerl o Douglas
Born 1328 (1328)
Dee'd 1400 (1401)
Threave Castle
Buiried 1400
Noble faimily Douglas
Spoose(s) Joanna de Moravia, Leddy o Boddle
Faither Sir James Douglas
Mither unkent

Archibald Douglas, Yerl o Douglas an Wigtoun, Laird o Gallowa, Douglas an Boddle, cried Archibald the Grim or Black Archibald, wis a late medieval Scots nobleman.

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