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A drawing of Arash rockets
Teep Rocket artillery
Place o oreegin Iran
Production history
Manufacturer Defense Industries Organization[1]
Calibre 122 mm
Effective firin range 18–40 km. depending on model

The Arash (Persie: آرش‎, Frae Iranian Arash) is a series of 122mm unguidit artillery rocket developed by Iran.[2] its a copy of BM-21 Grad.

Owerview[eedit | eedit soorce]

There are fower models for export.[3] Each haeving different specifeecations:
Arash 1: Range : 21.5 km, Length : 2.815m, Veloceety : 710 m/s[4]
Arash 2: Range : 30 km, Length : 2.815m, Veloceety : 1050 m/s[5]
Arash 3: Range : 18 km, Length : 2.050m, Veloceety : 720 m/s[6] An aa kent as the Noor rocket.
Arash 4: Range : 40 km, Length : 2.890m, Warheid Teeps :HE fragmentation, ball steel, mine and fuel air[7]
The export pages say that Arash 4 haes a different launching seestem than ither variants.[8]
Aw of them are fired frae 40 tube launchers.[9][10][11]

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