Aragonese leid

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Native taeSpain
RegionAragon; center an north o the province o Huesca an north o province o Zaragoza
Native speakers
54,000, includin speakers nae livin in the native aurie (2011)[1]
20,000 uise it as L2 (1993 Counsel of the Aragonese Language);[2] 500 aulder adult monolinguals (1993)[2]
Early form
Laitin (Aragonese alphabet)
Offeecial status
Regulatit biAcademia d'a Luenga Aragonesa
Leid codes
ISO 639-1an
ISO 639-2arg
ISO 639-3arg
Bariedaz lingüisticas d'Aragón.png
Cairt o Aragon wi the Aragonese dialects o Northren Aragon in gray, blue, an licht orange
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Aragonese (/ˌærəɡɒˈnz/; aragonés [aɾaɣoˈnes] in Aragonese) is a Romance leid spoken bi atween 10,000 an 30,000 fowk throuoot the valleys o the Pyrenees in Aragon, Spain, mainly in the comarcas o Somontano de Barbastro, Jacetania, Alto Gállego, Sobrarbe, an Ribagorza.

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