Arab–Israeli conflict

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Arab–Israeli conflict
Arab-Israeli Conflict Key Players.svg
The key players in the Arab–Israeli conflict
Datec. May 15, 1948–present
(72 years, 2 months, 2 weeks and 5 days)
LocationMiddle East

Law-level ongangin:

  • Establishment o Israel an Aw-Palestine Govrenment (1948); Jordanian occupation o the Wast Bank;
  • Dissolution o Aw-Palestine Govrenment an Egyptian occupation o the Gaza Strip
  • Israeli occupation (1967-82) o the Sinai Peninsula, Wast Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Hichts
  • Israeli-Egyptian peace an formation o the Israeli Ceevil Admeenistration (1982)
  • Oslo Accords an formation o the Palestinian Naitional Authority in auries A,B o the Wast Bank an Gaza in 1994.
  • Israel-Jordan peace treaty (1994)
  • Belligerents
  •  Israel
  •  Arab League

    Gaza Strip (2006–)

    Suez Crisis: (1956)

    Lebanese Civil War and Aftermath:

    1948 Arab-Israeli War an eftermath:

    Commanders an leaders
    Casualties an losses

    ≈22,570 militar daiths[2]

    ≈1,723 ceevilian daiths[3] ≈1,050 SLA militiamen daiths[4]
    91,105 tot Arab daiths[5]
    Baith sides:
    74,000 military daiths
    18,000 ceevilian daiths

    The Arab–Israeli conflict (Arabic: الصراع العربي الإسرائيليAl-Sira'a Al'Arabi A'Israili; Ebreu: הסכסוך הישראלי-ערבי‎‎ Ha'Sikhsukh Ha'Yisraeli-Aravi) refers tae the poleetical tension, militar conflicts an disputes atween a nummer o Arab kintras an Israel. The ruits o the modren Arab–Israeli conflict are boond in the rise o Zionism an Arab naitionalism taewart the end o the 19t century. Territory regairdit bi the Jewish fowk as thair historical hamelaund is an aa regairdit bi the Pan-Arab muivement as historically an currently belanging tae the Palestinians,[7] an in the Pan-Islamic context, as Muslim launds. The sectarian conflict atween Palestinian Jews an Arabs emerged in the early 20t century, peakin intae a full-scale ceevil war in 1947 an transforming intae the First Arab–Israeli War in Mey 1948 follaein the Declaration o the Establishment o the State o Israel.

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