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For the drink, see Applejack (drink).
My Little Pony chairacter
First appearance Rescue at Midnight Castle (1984)
Creautit bi Bonnie Zacherle[citation needit]
Vyced bi Sandy Duncan (Rescue at Midnight Castle)[citation needit]
Ashleigh Ball (Friendship is Magic)
Species Yird Pownie
Gender Female
Thrift Fermer

Applejack is a feectional chairacter frae the My Little Pony line o toys. She wis introduced in the 1984 televeesion special Rescue at Midnight Castle. She is a chairacter in the childer's televeesion series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic in her maist current design. Applejack is a haurd-wirkin fermer, growin aiples on her faimily's ferm, Sweet Apple Acres. She represents the element o honesty, an is vyced bi Ashleigh Ball.