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Apple Inc.
Treddit as
Foondit Apryle 1, 1976 (1976-04-01)
Januar 3, 1977)
Heidquarters Apple Campus,
1 Infinite Loop,
Cupertino, Californie
, U.S.[2]
Nummer o locations
406 retail stores
(as o Mey 2013)
Aurie served
Key fowk
Arthur D. Levinson (Chairman)[3]
Tim Cook (CEO)
Revenue Increase US$229.234 billion[4] (2017)
Increase US$61.344 billion[4] (2017)
Increase US$48.351 billion[4] (2017)
Tot assets Increase US$375.319 billion[4] (2017)
Tot equity Increase US$134.047 billion[4] (2017)
Nummer o employees
123,000[4] (2017)
Subsidiaries Anobit, Apple Store

Apple Inc., formerly Apple Computer, Inc., is an American multinaitional corporation heidquartert in Cupertino, Californie[2] that designs, develops, an sells consumer electronics, computer saftware an personal computers. Its baist-kent hardware products are the Mac line o computers, the iPod muisic player, the iPhone smartphone, an the iPad tablet computer. Its saftware includes the OS X an iOS operatin seestems, the iTunes medie browser, the Safari wab browser, an the iLife an iWork creativity an production suites. The company wis foondit on Aprile 1, 1976, an incorporatit as Apple Computer, Inc. on Januar 3, 1977.[5] The wird "Computer" wis removed frae its name on Januar 9, 2007, reflecting its shifted focus towards consumer electronics efter the introduction o the iPhone.[6][7][8]

Apple is the warld's seicont-lairgest information technology company bi revenue efter Samsung Electronics, an the warld's third-lairgest mobile phone maker efter Samsung an Nokia.[9] Fortune magazine named Apple the maist admired company in the Unitit States in 2008, an in the warld frae 2008 tae 2012.[10][11][12][13][14] Houiver, the company haes received criticism for its contractors' labor practices, an for Apple's awn environmental an business practices.[15][16][17]

As o November 2012, Apple maintains 394 retail stores in fowerteen kintras[18][19] as well as the online Apple Store an iTunes Store.[20] It is the seicont-lairgest publicly tradit corporation in the warld bi mercat capitalization, wi an estimatit value o US$414 billion as o Januar 2013.[21] As o September 29, 2012, the company haed 72,800 permanent full-time employees an 3,300 temporar full-time employees warldwide. Its warldwide annual revenue in 2012 totalled $156 billion.

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