Apollo 16

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Apollo 16
John W. Young on the Moon.jpg
John Young on the Muin, witthe Lunar Module an Lunar Rover in the backgrund
Mission teepManned lunar laundin
LM: 1972-031C
SATCAT no.CSM: 6000
LM: 6005
Mission duration11 days, 1 oor, 51 minutes, 5 seiconts
Spacecraft properties
SpacecraftApollo CSM-113
Apollo LM-11
ManufacturerCSM: North American Rockwell
LM: Grumman
Launch mass107,226 pounds (48,637 kg)
Laundin mass11,995 pounds (5,441 kg)
Crew size3
MembersJohn W. Young
Thomas K. Mattingly II
Charles M. Duke, Jr.
CallsignCSM: Casper
LM: Orion
EVAs1 in cislunar space
Plus 4 on the lunar surface
EVA duration1 oors, 23 minutes, 42 seconds
Spacewalk tae retrieve film cassettes
Stairt o mission
Launch dateNot recognized as a date. Years must have 4 digits (use leading zeros for years < 1000). UTC
RocketSaturn V SA-511
Launch steidKennedy LC-39A
End of mission
Rekivert biUSS Ticonderoga
Laundin dateApril 27, 1972, 19:45:05 (1972-04-27UTC19:45:06Z) UTC
Laundin steidSooth Paceefic Ocean
0°43′S 156°13′W / 0.717°S 156.217°W / -0.717; -156.217 (Apollo 16 splashdoun)
Orbital parameters
Reference seestemSelenocentric
Periselene20.2 kilometers (10.9 nmi)
Aposelene108.3 kilometers (58.5 nmi)
EpochAprile 20, 1972, 00:27 UTC
Lunar orbiter
Spacecraft componentCommand/Service Module
Orbital insertionAprile 19, 1972, 20:22:27 UTC
Departit orbitAprile 25, 1972, 02:15:33 UTC
Lunar lander
Spacecraft componentLunar Module
Laundin dateAprile 21, 1972, 02:23:35 UTC
Return launchAprile 24, 1972, 01:25:47 UTC
Landin steidDescartes Hielands
8°58′23″S 15°30′01″E / 8.97301°S 15.50019°E / -8.97301; 15.50019
Sample mass95.71 kilograms (211.0 lb)
Surface EVAs3
EVA duration20 oors, 14 minutes, 14 seiconts
First: 07 oors, 11 minutes, 02 seiconts
Seicont: 07 oors, 23 minutes, 09 seiconts
Third: 05 hours, 40 minutes, 03 seiconts
Lunar rover
Distance covered26.7 kilometers (16.6 mi)
Docking with LM
Dockin dateAprile 16, 1972, 21:15:53 UTC
Undockin dateAprile 20, 1972, 18:07:31 UTC
Docking with LM Ascent Stage
Dockin dateAprile 24, 1972, 03:35:18 UTC
Undockin dateAprile 24, 1972, 20:54:12 UTC
Scienteefic Instrument Module
Lunar Rovin Vehicle
LRV: 463 pounds (210 kg)
Apollo-16-LOGO.png Apollo 16 crew.jpg
Left tae richt: Mattingly, Young, Duke 

Apollo 16 wis the tent manned mission in the Unitit States Apollo space programme, the fift an penultimate tae laund on the Muin an the first tae laund in the lunar hielands.

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