Apollo 14

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Apollo 14
Apollo 14 Shepard.jpg
Shepard poses next tae the American banner on the Moon during Apollo 14
Mission teep Manned lunar laundin
Operator NASA[1]
COSPAR ID CSM: 1971-008A
LM: 1971-008C
SATCAT no. CSM: 4900
LM: 4905
Mission duration 9 days, 1 minute, 58 seiconts
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft Apollo CSM-110
Apollo LM-8
Manufacturer CSM: North American Rockwell
LM: Grumman
Launch mass 102,084 pounds (46,305 kg)
Laundin mass 11,481 pounds (5,208 kg)
Crew size 3
Members Alan B. Shepard, Jr.
Stuart A. Roosa
Edgar D. Mitchell
Callsign CSM: Kitty Hawk
LM: Antares
Stairt o mission
Launch date Not recognized as a date. Years must have 4 digits (use leading zeros for years < 1000). UTC
Rocket Saturn V SA-509
Launch steid Kennedy LC-39A
End of mission
Rekivert bi USS New Orleans
Laundin date Not recognized as a date. Years must have 4 digits (use leading zeros for years < 1000). UTC
Laundin steid South Pacific Ocean
27°1′S 172°39′W / 27.017°S 172.650°W / -27.017; -172.650
Orbital parameters
Reference seestem Selenocentric
Periselene 16.9 kilometers (9.1 nmi)
Aposelene 108.9 kilometers (58.8 nmi)
Period 120 minutes
Lunar orbiter
Spacecraft component Command/Service Module
Orbital insertion Februar 4, 1971, 06:59:42 UTC
Departit orbit Februar 7, 1971, 01:39:04 UTC
Orbits 34
Lunar lander
Spacecraft component Lunar Module
Laundin date Februar 5, 1971, 09:18:11 UTC
Return launch Februar 6, 1971, 18:48:42 UTC
Landin steid Fra Mauro
3°38′43″S 17°28′17″W / 3.64530°S 17.47136°W / -3.64530; -17.47136[[Category:Template:Lunar quadrangle quadrangle]]
Sample mass 42.28 kilograms (93.2 lb)
Surface EVAs 2
EVA duration Total: 9 hours, 22 minutes, 31 seconds
First: 4 hours, 47 minutes, 50 seconds
Second   4 hours, 34 minutes, 41 seconds
Docking with LM
Dockin date Februar 1, 1971, 01:57:58 UTC
Undockin date Februar 5, 1971, 04:50:43 UTC
Docking with LM Ascent Stage
Dockin date Februar 6, 1971, 20:35:52 UTC
Undockin date Februar 6, 1971, 22:48:00 UTC

Apollo 14-insignia.png

Apollo 14 crew.jpg
Left tae richt: Roosa, Shepard, Mitchell 

Apollo 14 wis the aicht manned mission in the Unitit States Apollo programme, an the third tae laund on the Muin.

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