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Apatite group
Apatite Canada.jpg
CategoryPhosphate mineral
(repeatin unit)
Strunz clessification8.BN.05
Creestal seestemHexagonal
Creestal clessDipyramidal (6/m)
(same H-M symbol)[1]
ColourTransparent tae translucent, uisually green, less eften colourless, yellae, blue tae violet, pink, broun.[2]
Creestal habitTabular, prismatic creestals, massive, compact or granular
Cleavage[0001] indistinct, [1010] indistinct[1]
FracturConchoidal tae uneven[2]
Mohs scale haurdness5[2] (definin meeneral)
SkinkleVitreous[2] tae subresinous
DiaphaneityTransparent tae translucent[1]
Speceefic gravity3.16–3.22[1]
Polish skinkleVitreous[2]
Optical propertiesDouble refractive, uniaxial negative[2]
Refractive index1.634–1.638 (+0.012, −0.006)[2]
PleochroismBlue stanes – strang, blue an yellae tae colourless. Ither colours are waik tae very waik.[2]
Ultraviolet fluorescenceYellae stanes – purpish-pink, which is stranger in lang wave; blue stanes – blue tae licht-blue in baith lang an short wave; green stanes – greenish-yellae, which is stranger in lang wave; violet stanes – greenish-yellae in lang wave, licht-purpie in short wave.[2]

Apatite is a group o phosphate minerals, uisually referrin tae hydroxylapatite, fluorapatite an chlorapatite, wi heich concentrations o OH, F an Cl ions, respectively, in the creestal.

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