Anton o Saxony

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Fiorino - Anthony of Saxony - Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister.png
Keeng o Saxony
Ring5 Mey 1827 – 6 Juin 1836
Coronation1827 portrait bi Jeremias David Alexander Fiorino.
PredecessorFrederick Augustus I
SuccessorFrederick Augustus II
Born27 December 1755(1755-12-27)
Dresden, Saxony, Holy Roman Empire
Dee'd6 Juin 1836(1836-06-06) (aged 80)
Dresden, Saxony, German Confederation
BuirialKatholische Hofkirche
SpouseMaria Carolina o Savoy
Maria Theresia o Austrick
IssuePrincess Maria Ludovika
Prince Frederick Augustus
Princess Maria Johanna
Princess Maria Theresia
Full name
Anton Clemens Theodor Maria Joseph Johann Evangelista Nepomuk Franz Xaver Aloys Januar
FaitherFrederick Christian, Elector o Saxony
MitherMaria Antonia o Bavarie
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
Coat of Arms of Anthony, Frederick Augustus II, Albert, George and Frederick Augustus III (Order of the Golden Fleece).svg

Anton o Saxony ( Anton Clemens Theodor Maria Joseph Johann Evangelista Nepomuk Franz Xaver Aloys Januar; 27 December 1755 – 6 Juin 1836) wis a monarch o the Kinrick o Saxony. He haed nae surviving issue an wis suceedit bi his great-nephew as Frederick Augustus II o Saxony.

First mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

His aunt, the Dauphine o Fraunce, haed wantit tae engage her dochter Marie Zéphyrine o Fraunce tae Anton; Marie Zéphyrine died in 1755 abandoning plans. Another French candidate was Marie Zéphyrine's sister Marie Clothilde (later Queen o Sardinie) but again nothing happened.

In Turin on 29 September 1781 (bi proxy) an again in Dresden on 24 October 1781 (in person), Anton mairit Princess Maria Carolina o Savoy, dochter o the King Victor Amadeus III o Sardinie an Maria Antonia o Spain. Caroline died after anly ane year o mairiage, on 28 December 1782 frae smallpox. They haed nae issue.

Seicont mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

In Florence on 8 September 1787 (bi proxy) an again in Dresden on 18 October 1787 (in person), Anton married a seicont time with the Airchduchess Airchduchess Maria Theresia o Austrick, dochter o the Grand Duke Leopoldo I o Tuscany, later Emperor Leopold II. Mozart's opera Don Giovanni wis originally intendit tae be performed in honor of Anton an his wife for a visit tae Prague on 14 October 1787, as they traveled atween Dresden an Vienna, and librettos were printed with dedication tae them. The premiere could not be arranged in time, however, so the opera The Marriage o Figaro wis substituted on the express orders o the bride's uncle, Haly Roman Emperor Joseph II. The choice o The Mairiage o Figaro wis considered improper for a new bride bi many observers, an the couple left the opera theater early without seeing the entire work performed. Mozart complained bitterly of the intrigues surrounding this incident in a letter tae his friend Gottfried von Jacquin that wis written in stages atween 15 October and 25 October 1787. Anton wis also present in Prague in September 1791 for the first performance of Mozart's opera La clemenza di Tito, which wis written as part o the coronation ceremonies o his faither-in-law, Haly Roman Emperor Leopold II, as Kíng o Bohemie.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Princess Maria Ludovika Auguste Fredericka Therese Franziska Johanna Aloysia Nepomucena Ignatia Anna Josepha Xaveria Franziska de Paula Barbara o Saxony (14 Mairch 1795 – 25 Aprile 1796) died young.
  2. Prince Friedrich August (born an died 5 Aprile 1796)
  3. Maria Johanna Ludovica Anna Amalia Nepomucena Aloysia Ignatia Xaveria Josepha Franziska de Chantal Eva Apollonia Magdalena Crescentia Vincentia o Saxony (5 Aprile 1798 – 30 October 1799)
  4. Princess Maria Theresia o Saxony (born an died 15 October 1799)