Antoine de Gramont, Duke o Gramont

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Antoine de Gramont
Duke o Gramont
Rochard - Antoine III de Gramont.jpg
The Duke o Gramont commisioned bi Louis Philippe I (1834-5)
Full name
Antoine Agénor de Gramont
Born 1604
Chateau d'Hagetmau, Fraunce
Dee'd 12 Julie 1678 (aged 78)
Bayonne, Fraunce
Noble faimily Gramont
Spoose(s) Françoise Marguerite du Plessis
Faither Antoine de Gramont, Duke o Gramont
Mither Louise de Roquelaure
Crown of a Duke of France.svg
Blason Antoine II de Gramont-Touloujon (1572-1644).svg

Antoine de Gramont, Duke o Gramont (Antoine Agénor; 1604 – 12 Julie 1678) wis a French nobleman an duke. He wis also created a Marshal o Fraunce in 1641 bi Keeng Louis XIII. His other titles included Coont o Guiche, an o Gramont an o Louvigny. He wis also Viceroy o Navarre an Béarn, an Governor o Bayonne.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1634, Antoine de Gramont mairit Françoise Marguerite du Plessis (niece o Cardinal Richelieu) they had four childer.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Armand de Gramont, Coont o Guiche( 1637-29 November 1673) mairit Marguerite Louise Suzanne de Béthune, but haed nae childer. Lover o Philippe o Fraunce, Duke o Orléans.
  2. Catherine Charlotte de Gramont (1639-4 Juin 1678) mairit Antoine I o Monaco an had childer, also mistress o Keeng Louis XIV
  3. Antoine Charles de Gramont, Duke o Gramont (1641-25 October 1720) mairit twice an had childer.
  4. Henriette Catherine de Gramont, mairit Alexandre de Canonville, Marquis o Raffetot.

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