Antoine de Bourbon

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Antoine de Bourbon
Antoine de Bourbon bi François Clouet 1560.
Keeng o Navarre
Ring25 Mey 1555 – 17 November 1562
PredecessorHenry II
SuccessorJeanne III
Co-monairchJeanne III
Born22 Aprile 1518
La Fère, Picardy, Fraunce
Dee'd17 November 1562 (aged 44)
Les Andelys, Eure
SpouseJeanne III, Queen o Navarre
Full name
Antoine de Bourbon
FaitherCharles, Duke o Vendôme
MitherFrançoise of Alençon
ReleegionSee details
Coat of Arms of Henry IV of France as King of Navarre (1572-1589).svg

Antoine de Bourbon also cried Antoine o Navarre 22 Aprile 1518 – 17 November 1562) wis the King o Navarre through his mairiage (jure uxoris) toae Queen Jeanne III, frae 1555 until his daith. He wis the first monarch o the Hoose o Bourbon, o which he wis head frae 1537. He wis the faither o Henry IV o Fraunce.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

Henri, Duke o Beaumont (1551–1553), died young.

  1. Henri de Bourbon (cried Henri o Navarre) later Keeng Henri IV o Fraunce (13 December 1553 – 14 Mey 1610) mairit (1) Marguerite o Fraunce but haed nae issue. Mairit (2) Marie de' Medici an haed issue.
  1. Louis de Bourbon, Coont o Marle (1555–1557) died young.
  2. Madeleine de Bourbon (1556) died young.
  3. Catherine de Bourbon (7 Februar 1559 – 13 Februar 1604) mairit Henry II, Duke o Lorraine but haed nae issue.