Antoine Laurent de Jussieu

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Antoine Laurent de Jussieu
Jussieu Antoine-Laurent de 1748-1836.jpg
Born 12 Aprile 1748(1748-04-12)
Lyon, Fraunce
Died 17 September 1836(1836-09-17) (aged 88)
Residence  Fraunce
Naitionality  Fraunce
Fields Botany
Institutions Jardin des Plantes
Kent for Classification o flouerin plants
Author abbrev. (botany) Juss.

Antoine Laurent de Jussieu (12 Aprile 1748 – 17 September 1836) wis a French botanist, notable as the first tae publish a naitural classification o flouerin plants; much o his seestem remains in uise the day. His classification wis based on an extendit unpublished wirk bi his uncle, the botanist Bernard de Jussieu.