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Native name: Waladli or Wadadli
Antigua parishes english.png
Cairt o Antigua shawin the pairishes
Location Caribbean Sea
Coordinates 17°5′N 61°48′W / 17.083°N 61.800°W / 17.083; -61.800Coordinates: 17°5′N 61°48′W / 17.083°N 61.800°W / 17.083; -61.800
Airchipelagae Leeward Islands
Tot islands 2
Aurie 281 km2 (108 sq mi)
Coastline 87 km (54.1 mi)
Heichest elevation 402 m (1,319 ft)
Heichest point Moont Obama / Boggy Peak
Antigua an Barbuda
Lairgest settlement St. John's (pop. 32,000)
Population 80,161 (2011 Census)
Pop. density 285.2 /km2 (738.7 /sq mi)
Ethnic groups 91% Black or Mulatto, 4.4% ither Mixed Race, 1.7% White, 2.9% Ither

Antigua, an aa kent as Waladli or Wadadli bi the native population, is an island in the Wast Indies.