Anthony Hopkins

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Sir Anthony Hopkins
BornPhilip Anthony Hopkins
(1937-12-31) 31 December 1937 (age 86)
Margam, Glamorgan, Wales
ResidenceMalibu, California, Unitit States
  • Actor
  • director
  • producer
  • componer
  • penter
Years active1960–present
Hauf-marrae(s)Petronella Barker (m. 1966; div. 1972)
Jennifer Lynton (m. 1973; div. 2002)
Stella Arroyave (m. 2003)
BairnsAbigail Hopkins

Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins, CBE (born 31 December 1937), is a Welsh film, stage, an telly actor.[1] Efter graduatin frae the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in 1957, he trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in Lunnon, an wis then spottit bi Laurence Olivier that invitit him tae jyne the Ryal Naitional Theatre. In 1968, he got his stairt in film in The Lion in Winter, playin Richard the Lionhert. In the mid 1970s, Richard Attenborough, that wad direct five Hopkins films, cried him "the greatest actor o his generation."

Conseedert tae be ane o the greatest leevin actors,[2][3][4] Hopkins is weel kent for his portrayal o Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs, for that he wan the Academy Awaird for Best Actor, its sequel Hannibal, an the prequel Red Dragon. Ither notable films include The Mask of Zorro, The Bounty, Meet Joe Black, The Elephant Man, Magic, 84 Charing Cross Road, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Legends of the Fall, Thor an its sequels, The Remains of the Day, Amistad, Nixon, The World's Fastest Indian, Instinct an Fracture. In 2015 he starned in the BBC telly film The Dresser, an syne 2016, he haes starned in the creetically acclaimed HBO telly series Westworld.

Alang wi his Academy Awaird, Hopkins haes wan three BAFTA Awairds, twa Emmys, an the Cecil B. DeMille Awaird. In 1993, he wis knichtit bi Queen Elizabeth II for services tae the airts.[5] He received a starn on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003, an wis made a Fellae o the Breetish Academy o Film an Televeesion Airts in 2008.[6][7]

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