Ante Pavelić

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Ante Pavelić
Ante Pavelić.jpg
Poglavnik o the
Independent State o Croatie
In office
10 Aprile 1941 – 8 Mey 1945
MonarchTomislav II (1941–1943)
Prime MeenisterNikola Mandić (syne 1943)
Precedit biOffice established
Succeedit biOffice abolished
2nt Meenister o Airmed Forces o the Independent State o Croatie
In office
4 Januar 1943 – 2 September 1943
Prime MeenisterHimsel
Precedit biSlavko Kvaternik
Succeedit biMiroslav Navratil
1st Foreign Meenister o the Independent State o Croatie
In office
16 Aprile 1941 – 9 Juin 1941
MonarchTomislav II
Prime MeenisterHimsel
Precedit biOffice established
Succeedit biMladen Lorković
Member o Pairlament o Yugoslavie
In office
11 September 1927 – 7 January 1929
MonarchAlexander I
Prime Meenister
Personal details
Born14 Julie 1889(1889-07-14)
Bradina, Konjic, Bosnie an Herzegovinae, Austrick-Hungary
Dee'd28 December 1959(1959-12-28) (aged 70)
Madrid, Spain
Restin placeSan Isidro, Madrid, Spain
Poleetical pairtyUstaše (1929–1945)
Ither poleetical
Alma materVarsity o Zagreb
ReligionRoman Catholic

Ante Pavelić (Croatian pronunciation: [ǎːnte pǎʋelit͡ɕ] ( listen); 14 Julie 1889 – 28 December 1959) wis a Croatie fascist dictator who led the Ustaše movement an Independent State o Croatie (NDH), a puppet state o Fascist Italy an Nazi Germany that wis established in pairts o occupied Yugoslavie during Warld War II,[1] pursuin genocidal policies against ethnic an racial minorities.[2][3][4]

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