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Annobón Province

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Location o Annobón.
Detailed map o Annobón (left)

Annobón (or Annabon or Anabon; frae Ano bom Portuguese for Good Year), kent as Pagalu or Pigalu an aw, is an island o Equatorial Guinea. It is locatit in the South Atlantic Ocean at 1°25′S 5°38′E / 1.417°S 5.633°E / -1.417; 5.633Coordinates: 1°25′S 5°38′E / 1.417°S 5.633°E / -1.417; 5.633, aboot 220 miles (350 km) wast o Gabon an 110 mile (180 km) sooth wast o São Tomé Island. It measures aboot 4 mile (6.4 km) lang bi 2 mile (3.2 km) wide (6.4 by 3.2 km), wi an aurie o aboot 6¾ square miles (17.5 km²). It haes a population o aroond 5,000. The island's main industries are fishin an timmer.


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Annobón is an extinct volcano o which juist the 598 m (1961 ft) peak (cawed Quioveo) rises abuin sea level. It is characterised bi a succession o lush valleys an steep muntains, covered wi rich woods an luxuriant vegetation. It haes a central crater lake named Lago A Pot. A number o tiny rocky islets lie aff the main island, includin Santarém tae the sooth.

The island constitutes the small Annobón Province, ane o the provinces o Equatorial Guinea. Its caipital is the northren village o San Antonio de Palé, an the island's ither main settlement is the similarly-named San Antonio. The roadstead is relatively safe, an some passin vessels take advantage o it in order tae obtain water an fresh provisions, o which Annobon affers an abundant supply. Housomeivver, there is nae regular shippin service tae the rest o Equatorial Guinea, an ships caw as infrequently as ivery few months.

Annobón is aften described as being "in the Gulf o Guinea" like the neighbourin islands o São Tomé an Príncipe, but the Internaitional Hydrographic Organization (IHO) boondary line for the Gulf o Guinea actually runs north o it.[1]


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