Anne o Foix

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Anne o Foix
Queen consort o Bohemie an Hungary
Anne de Foix.jpg
Fresco from walls of the St. Wenceslas Chapel in St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague (1508)
Coronation29 September 1502
Dee'd26 July 1506 (aged 21–22)
Buda, Hungary
SpouseVladislaus II o Hungary
IssueAnna o Bohemie an Hungary
Louis II o Hungary an Bohemie
FaitherGaston de Foix, Coont o Candale
MitherInfanta Catherine o Navarre

Anne o Foix (1484 – 26 Julie 1506) was Queen o Hungary an Bohemie as the third wife o Keeng Vladislaus II.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Anna o Bohemie an Hungary (23 Julie 1503 – 27 Januar 1547) mairit Ferdinand I, Haly Roman Emperor, an they inheritit Bohemie an what wis left o Hungary.
  2. Louis II o Hungary (Julie 1 1506 - August 29, 1526) mairit Maria o Hungary; their mairiage wis childless, although he haed illegitimate issue.